Agnes – On And On (The Void Remix)

9 12 2009

VideoClip: On And On

Tema: On And On

Grupo/Artista: Agnes

Letra de Canción On And On de Agnes

On and on
This love I feel for you goes on and on 

This world can be a scary place
And so much love goes to waste
One moment everything is clear
The next it all could disappear 

We need something to hold on to
I wanna be that thing for you
'Cause you're not in this all alone
Your heart has finally found a home
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Agnes – Release me (Nils van Zandt Radio Edit)

9 12 2009

VideoClip: Release Me

Tema: Release Me

Grupo/Artista: Agnes

Letra de Canción Release Me de Agnes

Release me
Release my body
I know it’s wrong
So why am I with you now
I say release me
‘Cause I’m not able to
Convince myself
That I’m better off without you

Yeah, it’s perfectly clear
That it’s not what you need
I tell you that I don’t care
But I don’t want to
Anything that you say
I hear myself agree
And I don’t recognize
What I’ve turned into
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