Baby Bash – Outta Control Feat. Pitbull

21 12 2009

VideoClip: Outta Control

Tema: Outta Control

Grupo/Artista: Baby Bash Feat. Pitbull

Letra de Canción Outta Control de Baby Bash Feat. Pitbull

I dont need no love all i need is the DJ (2X)

(Baby Bash)
It was midnight, I got the bootie call, She said I’m at the club, So I threw on my draws

I’m lookin’ throwed in my ‘fit, Candy coat on my whip, The Popo’s all on my tip, But man I dnt even trip

Sent me a dirty text, So I text her back, Scooped up the Stuey Boy cuz he had them purple sacks

Now we gone with the wind, Its on and poppin’ again, We rebel rockin and rollin, This club is outta c-, outta c-,ou-ou-ou-outta control!
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